Howdy! I’m Emily, and I’m psyched that you’re here.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I’ll share with you my favorite recipes, restaurants, and occasional anecdotes. Food and drink rule my life, and I hope I can make my love for them a part of your life, too.

Let me take you on a trip down story lane to my humble beginnings. (It’ll get sad for a minute, but don’t worry, it’ll get better right after.) I started cooking in 2015 to lose weight and save money. I was a junior at Michigan State University, and I had just moved into my first apartment. I was working 40 hours a week at a miserable job that was supposed to be part time, scraping by with rent and living expenses, talking to almost no one, and attempting to balance a full credit load. And gaining weight. Oh, did I gain weight. None of my clothes fit, I had no energy, and my face had become an unrecognizable full-moon replica of what it once was. I knew I had to make a change.

Enter the Google machine.

The internet told me that I could lose weight in one of three ways: 1) pay lots of money to go on a crash diet, 2) keep eating what I was eating and spend the rest of my life on the treadmill, or 3) cook my own meals with real, fresh ingredients. I didn’t have any money and I certainly didn’t have any energy, so option 3 it was. What I didn’t know was that my newfound hobby would soon become the driving force behind everything I do.

Forgive me for being clichéd, but cooking changed my life. It made me healthier, it made me happier, and it made me feel so much more connected with the world around me. My love for honest food is boundless, and it’s growing every day. I hope I can share some of that same love with you as I do with my friends and family. So here’s to fresh starts and delicious beginnings of all kinds. Cheers!