Prosciutto, Fig & Goat Cheese Crisps

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, folks! Even if you don’t care about football (hello, it’s me) you probably care about Super Bowl parties, because snacks. Snacks and drinks. That’s all we’re really here for, right? To be frank, though, I’m kind of over the quintessential “Super Bowl snack.” No hate on buffalo wings, but they just seem a little old hat.

So if you’re looking to class up your Super Bowl party, your search ends here. These Prosciutto, Fig & Goat Cheese Crisps are LIT’RALLY so easy to throw together, and they’ll make all your friends be like, “Damn, you fancy, huh?” And you’ll be like, “Yeah, I am. Bow to me, for I am your Super Bowl god now.” And they will, because these are delicious.


(Side note: I made this using a ton of stuff from Trader Joe’s so I feel like they should sponsor me??? I’m just saying. This is quality content. Someone pls give me money)


The perfect mix of salty and sweet, crunchy and creamy, these are sure to be the hit of any party. They also pair frighteningly well with basically any alcoholic bev, but especially a glass of pinot grigio. Don’t worry if you can’t find these super-specific crackers and fig spread, either. You can use any cracker you like, and apricot preserves make a fantastic substitute. If you want ’em to be vegetarian, they’re also delicious without the prosciutto! Tons of options here, guys.

I made a bunch of these and then ate them all in the middle of my living room immediately after I photographed them. I’m seriously debating throwing a party just so I have an excuse to make these. So if you’re already throwing a party, or if you know someone who’s throwing a party, you have no excuse. Make ’em. You won’t regret it.


Prosciutto, Fig & Goat Cheese Crisps

Serves: however many you want it to serve honestly


  • Sturdy crackers (I used Trader Joe’s Fig & Olive Crisps)
  • Fig jam (or apricot preserves)
  • Prosciutto
  • Goat chevre
  • Arugula


  1. Pile everything on the cracker in that order. Eat it.

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