Taking a Break From Blogging

Happy Monday! I just wanted to drop in and let you guys know what my plan is for the next few weeks. In short, I’ve realized that maintaining a food blog is a lot—a LOT—more work than I originally thought. This isn’t really a problem; after all, it’s an excuse to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen, doing what I love the most. However, it’s taken a toll on the quality of my recipes, which I certainly don’t want.

I think there’s a common misconception floating around that food bloggers post about everything that they cook, when this simply isn’t true. When I was an Instagram-only girl, I thought that was how it worked, too. I’d cook my dinner, snap a shot of it, post it, and dig in. It was easy. However, recipe development and blogging are much more thoughtful processes that require a lot of time to do well.

I want to ascertain that the recipes I’m putting out here are of the highest quality, and that they will be replicable in your kitchen, too. This requires several stages of testing, and, unlike my previous Insta practice, can’t be done in a single day. For each recipe, I write out my initial rough measurements, execute them while making some minor changes along the way, taste it, then rewrite and test the recipe until I feel that it’s successful. Then comes the photography, then the photo editing, then the writing, and then the final post. Phew!

Since I started my blog, I’ve challenged myself to devise three new recipes per week, which I’ve since learned is damn near impossible with my current regular-life schedule. So, in order to remedy this issue, I’ve decided that my best option is to take two to four weeks off from posting and devote all of my time to recipe development. Then, once I’m several weeks ahead of schedule with a bunch of recipes that I know you’ll love, I’ll start scheduling recipe posts again. It’s likely that, once I return, recipes will come twice a week, rather than three times. Basically, I’m choosing quality over quantity. Because I take your meals seriously and I want you to love it. You’re welcome.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@feelinwhisky) to see how my recipe testing is going! I’d also love some volunteer recipe testers, if you’ve got kitchen space and a little time. Drop me a line on Facebook or Instagram if you’d be interested in testing some recipes in their fledgling stages and giving feedback on them. And with that, I bid you adieu—but not for long! See you soon, y’all!

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